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Here at Elite Endoscopy Services we recognize that there are many endoscopy companies that can repair rigid and flexible scopes, but what about your endoeye repairs?

The Rigid Video Laparoscope EndoEye and Flexible Video Laparoscopes EndoEye, are in a category of their own and we understand this difference.


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EndoEye repairs require a technician who was been trained specifically for this type of scope and Elite Endoscopy Services has these technicians whose specialty is EndoEye repairs, including High Definition EndoEyes.

We have included a repair level list below and on our form page to review and have available.

Endoeye Repair  





Specializing in ENDOEYE REPAIR

Did you know you have a choice when it comes to Endoeye repairs? Have you been satisfied with the quality, turn-around time, and pricing from your current endoeye repair facility? If the answer is no, why not send your endoeye to us and see why companies are changing over to Elite Endoscopy Services for their repairs. We do not outsource your endoeyes, we have the equipment, parts, and technicians to keep all endoeyes maintained and working exceptionally.



Endoeye Repair


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Endoeye Repair


Endoeye Repair



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Rigid Video Laparoscopes and HD Endoeye Telescopes:

Repair Level 1:

- Electrical connector repaired

- Switch covers repaired

- Bent shaft repaired

- Minor dents and scratches on shaft removed

- Lens cover polished

- Light guide lens prong replaced

- Cuts and/ or small holes in light guide tube repaired

Repair Level 2:

- Electrical circuit board repair

- Light guide tube/ Electrical connector tube replaced

- Switch complete assembly repair/ replaced

- Wire harness re-wired/ replaced

- Electrical housing paddle replaced

- Inner and Outer tube replacement (re-fiber) with new desiccant installed

- Insertion tube shaft window at distal tip end replaced

Repair Level 3:

- CCD chip re-wire with new components installed

- Electrical circuit board replaced

- Optical system repair/ replaced

- CCD chip negative lens replaced

Repair Level 4:

- CCD chip complete overhaul with optical system replaced


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*Limitations only possible in the rare event that a CCD canít be repaired and replacement canít be found in a timely manner.

**90 days warranty 1-2 days minor repairs / 3-5 days major repairs





Flexible Video Laparoscopes EndoEYE Deflectable Tip:

Deflecting Tip Repair - Level 1:

- Angulations adjusted

- Control lever replaced

- Bending rubber replaced

- Cover lens polished

- Electrical connector pins cleaned

- Light guide prong cleaned

- Moisture removed

- Complete switch assembly repaired, including ribbon and buttons

Deflecting Tip Repair - Level 2:

- Electrical circuit board repaired

- Light guide / Electrical connector tube replaced

- Light guide connector prong end lens cap repaired / replaced

- Angulations adjusted, including stoppers

Deflecting Tip Repair - Level 3:

- Control body prong end replaced

- Light guide bundle cleaned and refitted / replaced

- Electrical circuit board replaced-with entire components

- Angulation system overhaul

- Electrical connector overhaul

- Optical system repaired / replaced

Deflecting tip repair - Level 4:

- CCD chip re-wire

- Light guide prong adapter repaired/ replaced

- CCD chip replacement - all components, including optical system assembly